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    How to resubmit failed requests

      We have some request which entered the "failed" state before approval due to a known bug (14036801). The bug has now been patched, but we would like NOT to have users resubmit their requests, since there are many of them.

      I am thus looking for a way of re-sumbitting the failed requests, or to have OIM reprocess them somehow.

      I looked for the ORCHESTRATION_PROCESS_ID associated to one of those requests by querying the REQUEST table, and then ran the build-in job "Retry Failed Orchestrations" on that process ID. That seemed to have some effect, as the request successfully went through all approval stages (Template, Request, Operation). But it went no further.
      Now the request appears in "Operation Approval Auto Approved" stage (stage #27), but no provisioning process have been started, and probably never will.

      I'm asking you gurus if there is a way to move that request out of "Operation Approval Auto Approved" stage and have it spawn the proper provisioning process, as it would normally do. Some APIs? A built-in job? Entering/changing values manually into OIM Database? A combination of them all?

      OIM version is 11g BP4 (not R2).

      Thanks to anybody who will provide useful infos.

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          Apparently it is not possible. As per note: 1507086.1
          It is not possible to recover/retry from errors and new request has to be created.
          When such a failure occurs, the situation has to be carefully checked, because the request might have partially succeeded, and in this case, a new request might not be necessary, or desirable.