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    Image Files - Upgrade APEX (3,2 to 4.2)

      I Tried posting this yesterday but maybe logged out too soon? I cant seemt o find it now. I apologize if this is out there twice now

      Pretty much all I have done with APEX is installed 3.2 in Banner DB about 2
      years ago - our developers take it and run with it from there. The developers want is to go to APEX
      4.2. In looking at the install, it is very similar to the 3.2 - and there is a
      /i/ paramater that is recomended to be /i/ when doing the install. I am using an OAS DAD configuration and this looks to be matching an enty in
      http.conf that has /i/ and then the directory for the images files on the OAS Server. I have
      multiple instances in our Test Environment that use this OAS install and all were install using the /i/ option. When I install/upgrade
      to 4.2, I am supposed to copy the images from the APEX Home to the /i/ directory
      defined in the http.conf file. This will overlay (though i will back it up
      first) the current images that were from 3.2. I am assuming this will have a
      negative effect on the instances that I am not installing APEX 4.2 in right
      Is there a way to define an alternate /i/ directory. I thought about createing
      an entry something like /i42/ when doing the install and then putting that in the http.conf file in conjunction with the
      existing /i/ and using that as my 4.2 directory and in place of
      /i/ butthe installation seemed to emphasize using /i/. I
      may be confusing things also as I do not work with this that much once I hand it
      over to the developers but any hints/thoughts/ideas are much appreciated.
      Bob Norris
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          Scott Wesley
          Try editing your dads.conf to include a secondary images location
          Alias /i42/ "ORACLE_HTTPSERVER_HOME/Apache/images/"
          Then edit application properties -> user interface
          Under General properties the Image prefix could be modified from /i/ to /i42/

          Ideally, this would be done in reverse, but I don't have a 3.x instance to check if that property existed back then.

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