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    OM Picking Tracking, inspection, Packing, Staging

      Hi Gurus,

      I would like know about below scenarios how to map in oracle apps, my client follows pick release, Inspection, Pick confirm, Packing & staging

      Once Sales order has pick released from OM--> lines will be picked from different sub inventory, different pickers will be there for every sub inventory.
      After pick relesase some items will take long time to pick, some items can be picked in minutes.
      Pickers will deliver goods to Inspection, packing, staging in diffent time.. may be 1 hr, 10 hrs, 1 or 2days

      How QC Department, packing Dept Track all this items, if they receives in different times.

      How to Track the items all this items while packing?

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          Hi AK,
          First of all identify various items and their usuage..define subinventories accordingly.

          Reserve items at the time of booking mentioning Subinventory and Locator Details..
          Set Auto Pick Confirm to NO..After Picking make a Manual Transact Move Order thru Pick Slip Report.
          For packing purpose you can also use LPN details and this can be given at the time of item reservation along with subinventory and Locator details.

          So as per the item definition, they can be identified with a unique item code.Ex FG with XXX1234, RM with XXX1234...
          Even if pickers delay in picking/shipping the items, since reservation is done already..there is no harm..but make sure you have same available physically.

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            Thanks for your response.

            My question is each sub inventory / item has its own picking time, pickers will delays to bring the items to Inspection, packing, staging.

            In one sales order, items are belongs to different sub inventories.. like A, B, C, D ... Pick list will be dispatched to all the sub inventory pickers, picker will pick the item, send it to Inspection... another sub inv picker take some time to pick, send it to Inspection.

            How QC person assemble all the items received from different sub-inv, doing Inspection, sending for packing after receiving the items from the all sub inventory.

            Today QC person received some items, he do QC; tomorrow he received some more item, he does QC... finally he receive remaining items from other sub inventories.

            how QC person Track of all the items, send along with single delivery...

            Is there any control to achieve this requirement.

            Please advise.

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              Hi AK,
              I am not sure of your business flow here...ideally QC does not comes into picture for FG shipment.
              QC plays vital roles while making the FG in WIP module 2 times(WIP move & completion) and while doing the RMA flow.

              Ideally if "autoallocation" is done thru a Move Order and if stock is available..it does not take much time for the shipment.
              if it really take more time than expected then he should not make any sales order...rather he should wait for the FG.

              May be your requirement is different and so your business needs.

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                Thanks for your response, whatever you mentioned is correct but

                My client do QC (check all items are good or any defect) before shipping product to the Customer, this process they do for each and every item before shipping to customer.

                They are expecting tracking in this step.
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                  Oracle Quality can't be enforced during move order transactions
                  This is intended functionality
                  You can bring quality for model items
                  Already enhancement request has been logged for this

                  Move Order Transaction Using Quality Collection Plan [ID 1404203.1]

                  I guess now you can convince your client ;)