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    "cannot open orauddi url" in OSR 11g

    Dariel Pérez
      I'm working with SOA Suite version and I have a BPEL process that performs a dynamic lookup against a WSDL on the Oracle Service Registry (OSR) 11g. The error returned was the following:

      Error: fallo en el análisis de XML debido a "Error al obtener el flujo de entrada XML: orauddi:/uddi:2eb2d2c0-698e-11e2-99e6-ea43dc7099e5: cannot open orauddi url: oracle.fabric.common.uddiurl.resolver.exception.SRInitializeException: Internal Error in systinet API: org.systinet.wasp.webservice.ICurrent"

      I made the connection to the UDDI into Enterprise Manager, but still gives me the same error, with the version of the SOA Suite never gave me that error.

      PS: All the products are from the same version

      Thanks in advance