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    custom auth settings to allow sentry function in app reached through menu

      OEL 5.6, Oracle, APEX 4.1.1

      Today's problem: I have constructed through good information from various docs/books/etc a pretty good custom authentication, I have my own tables for user/role/app repositiory, with a package that handles the authentication very well. This setup is an app by itself, and appears to do all I expected with dynamic menu construction using a tree, and the CONNECT-BY query behind the tree brings back a URL for each option that is not a submenu.

      When I click the option to go to the secondary app (not a page in the same app, but a separately created app) under that link, the target app presents a login page. I know I can disable the use of an authentication scheme on the target app, but then how would I implement a sentry function to be sure the user has to the app through my authentication and menu (vs. coming in through a bookmark)? Or is there a better avenue of which I have not read in my many sources?

      Please advise if additional info is needed to help with an answer.