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    ORA-20001 When trying to default page element to sysdate

      I have a master detail with last updated in the detail that I want to autopopulate based on sysdate.
      To do that I have Tabular Form Attributes set to sysdate and default type PL/SQL Expression or function.
      The display as is set to "Display as Text(saves state).

      I would like to format the date which I do with Column Attributes and then specify the Number Data Format.
      When I click add row in the detai part of the pagethe date is displayed as desired however then I try and
      apply the changes (save the page) I get ORA-20001: Found invalid date value, please verify date format. (Row 2)

      I have tried formatting the date in the PL/SQL expression with TO_DATE(SYSDATE,'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI')
      with the same result.

      If I change the element to Text Field the date is saved correctly however I don't want the user to edit the

      Any suggestions? Using APEX 4.1