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    ODI loading XML to table

      I am new to ODI( I need to load XML files to multiple tables.
      E.g this xml will go to customer, orderHeader, orderline tables. we don't have ODI 11. Is ODI capable of doing this task? If yes any guidance out there so I can follow? Many thanks.

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          yes.do you know the process to create dataserver and build the physical and logical schemas ?let me know first whether u know the process?

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            first you need to create data server build physical,logical schemas and create context to map them. go through the below link then you will come to know


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              This would help you to get started with ODI 10g:

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                Thanks for the replies. All very helpful. I have been able to load csv file to oracle table. Now I am trying loading xml files to oracle tables. I have set up data server and models, selected LKM and IKM, now it asked me for CKM, what CKM for this?
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                  OK, I set up the CKM to 'CKM SQL' but don't know where to use it in the interface. The tutorial I found all based on ODI 11 where it has staging area different from target and the staging area is 'In-Memory Engine: Sunopsis_Memory_Engine'. Don't know how to do it in ODI 10.

                  But if I set FLOW_CONTROL and STATIC CONTROL to NO for the target data store (oracle table), then odi will not ask for the CKM, and the XML can be loaded. But I guess this skip the data checking? So I guess I will still need to set up the CKM to work.