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    Add soap header in SALT

      Hi everyone!

      I want to send a soap header(an UUID) using SALT, and honestly, I didn't found a detailed explanation or an example on how to do that.

      The only thing I know so far is:

      - Add in the ".wsdf" file: <Property name="mapsoapheader" value="true" />

      - And then somehow using "TA_WS_SOAP_HEADER" (previously included by wssoapflds.h) I will get what I need.

      So, am I in a good way to solve my problem?

      If yes, how exactly I should set TA_WS_SOAP_HEADER in my C code?

      I don't know if you need more details, just ask me and I'll reply to you as fast as I can.

      Thanks in advance,