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    ValueChangeListener and Button Action not called after first user action

    Jai Om-Oracle

      My Jdev version is
      I am facing a very strange issue of valueChangeListener and Button action not called after user has either pressed the button once or clicked on Tab.
      Let me explain the scenario in detail:
      I have a main page [BTF using jsff] which includes 4 other regions as BTF using jsff.

      Region1 in this main page is based on Transient VO and implemented as single record in Form Layout. This region has some action buttons and radio list [also based on Transient VO with model driven radio list implemented on it's transient attribute].
      The radio list component has valueChangeListener attached.

      The other 3 regions are implemented below this form layout in the form of Tabs [showDetailItem under panelTabbed component]. These behave like child regions, although no Viewlink/association exist between them. These are entity based regions.
      When user opens the main page, createinsert is called as default activity on Region1 and Radio List Transient VO. User can enter the data in Region1 attributes and press action buttons that are calling BTF method call activities using "action" property
      OR User can click on radio list to select different options which fires valueChangeListener to enable/disable attributes accordingly.

      Everything works fine until either User clicks on Buttons to execute action OR clicks on one of the child tab. First click works perfectly. After first user action page stops responding to valueChange events and button action events.
      When I click on Radio List options or button actions, cursor changes to busy icon and it appears to be working but nothing is called. No errors in the log. No statement that tells that something is missing or not found.

      What could be causing this behavior?

      Few notes:
      1) I do have auto submit on radio list component and it works until user performs one of action mentioned above.
      2) The child regions [implemented under showDetailItem] also has some buttons and those works perfectly.

      Any help/pointers is very much appreciated.