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    Why would a HUB setup not work when an EDI file sent to HUB host via AS2?

      We setup HUB following the article "http://anuj-dwivedi.blogspot.com/2011/05/implementing-oracle-b2b-11g-as-hub.html#comment-form". It works great if a file comes to HUB host via FTP channel. However HUB with AS2 did not work.

      Here is what we want to do: Trading partner "A" to sends an EDI file (meant for trading partner "C") via AS2 to trading partner "B" HUB host. Trading partner "B" should forward the file to trading partner "C".

      In TPA host
      setup trading partner "C" with outbound agreement (EDI file has FromTP=A, ToTP=C)

      In HUB host
      setup trading partner "A" to receive an inbound EDI file.
      setup trading partner "C" with outbound FTP channel.

      What works
      Trading parter A drops a file in some location where TP B (HUB host) is listening.
      TP B gets the EDI file and routes the file to TP C's outbound channel location.

      What does not work
      when TP A sends EDI file to TP B via AS2, the file does not get routed to TP C.

      B2b system b2b11g
      TP = trading partner