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    conditionally setCSSClass for a messageTextInputBean in a classic table.


      i have set the default CSSClass property for a messageTextInput field (numeric datatype) that is in a classic table
      then in processRequest, based on a condition check (that is why i cannot decode the class name in the VO query and use that to sett the CSSClass), i have to overwrite the default CSSClass only for those rows where the condition is met...

      i tried to do -
      ForEach VO row
      if condition met
      OAMessageTextInputBean tc = (OAMessageTextInputBean)webBean.findChildRecursive("abcd");

      unfortunately, even tho i am looping thru all rows, it seems like whatever is set for the LAST row in the query gets applied to ALL rows....
      how do i set the CSSClass conditionally for a attribute for only some rows for the VO resultset ?
      thank you.

      UPDATE - i even tried creating a Transient (of type String) on the VO , assigned it as a SPEL to the CSSclass property of the attribute and in the controller based on the condition being met or not i set the transient's value to the name of the CSSclass that i want to be assigned to the attribute for that ROW. HOWEVER, that is not working either...... what am i missing ?????

      any inputs would be really appreciated.....

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