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    Which one is best

      can help me to figure out which solution has better solution and flexibility?

      I am going to implement JMS application with Jboss 7.1 app server.
      There are two approaches

      1. Spring JMS (MDP) approach

      2. Message Driven Bean(MDB) approach

      Can you pls tell me which is better?
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          Neither is "best".
          Each has its strengths and weaknesses and each will be appropriate in its own specific circumstances.

          But, before things get beyond your control...
          When looking at your forum profile, we see:
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          You need to go back through EVERY one of your previous issues and work them through to a resolution.
          You need to finish each thread with a report as to how you 'solved' or or why you abandoned it.

          There is no reason why anyone should ever help someone that just asks a a question then flutters on to another topic like a Mayfly..