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    Need Help about---)))  Streams Synchronous Capture

    User505978 - Oracle
      hi guys,

      im trying to configure Streams Synchronous Capture in my test platform between 2 databases. I'm following the oracle support notes in metalink ID 1109293.1

      i dont get any errors but my stream is not working. My table on target database can not be replicated, i mean nothing is happening. I couldnt figure out how to find my mistake.

      I have some ideas, for example
      what is the source_database in the following script? Really i configured everything 2-3 times from zero but it is not helping.

      table_name => 'HR.EMP',
      streams_name => 'sync_prop',
      source_queue_name => 'strmadmin.sync_cap_queue',
      destination_queue_name => 'strmadmin.sync_apply_queue@target_link',
      source_database => '?????',
      queue_to_queue => TRUE);