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    Video Blog: The Life of A Brand New Oracle DBA

      Hello Everyone,

      I'm putting a post here, to let people know about a Video Blog I'm starting on YouTube. In my opinion, there are more people trying to deter people from becoming Oracle DBA's instead of encouraging. Yes, becoming a certified Oracle DBA is extremely hard but we can all do anything we put our minds to. So I created this blog to help out as much as I can. I just want to pay it forward because someone helped me get into this field and it has completely changed my life. Last year, Jan 2012, I knew absolutely nothing about Oracle or what a DBA was. But through HARD WORK and DEDICATION and a little luck, I have been a DBA now for 5 months. I love my new Career. Please check out and let me know if you have any questions. I'll be more than happy to encourage and shed knowledge on what I do know. And if I don't know the answers I can point you in the right direction.

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          I am probably one of the people who may be thought of deterring people from becomng a DBA; though I would more call it cautioning people to take that route if they have insufficient experience.

          While there was a Shortage of DBA's some years ago, and there probably still is a shortage of good quailified DBA's, there is probably (IMHO) a surplus of people with DBA qualifications and no experience.

          The WDP programme, perhaps particularly in India, but elsewhere as well, has pushed a large number of certified DBA's into the marketplace in a short while. Typically established end user organisations will not accept such people in critical DBA roles due to their lack of commercial experience (and often may prefer to bring through a developer, power user, sysadmin, release management specialist who is showing the right aptitude and potential), though a route for WDP DBA's may be available via MNC's that outsource offshore that like to show the number of certified DBA's they have. Having said that that route is rapidly drying up for those without experience. There is also a source of DBA's into the market via Oracle and other organisations creaming off top potential graduates.

          Anyway what I am trying to discourage is people being persuaded by WDP training organisations taking out loans and spending money and training to get DBA certified and having no job a the end of it because no one will take them on without experience.

          And as you say in your video, you may have 10000 20000 30000 .... users depending on your DBA not to have a service outage. (And if they are not OCP they thay may not have studied RMAN database recoveries to a great depth!). Does one want people without commercial experience in this position. Does a DBA OCP certification indicate they will be calm and good managing out of a service outage or service performance issue.


          Of note in your video, but not in your post, is that you had significant mentoring from an experienced DBA. This individual mentoring probably helped a lot ... and to some degree has compensated a little for a lack of training. ( Probably many training organisations might claim they will do this, few will).

          On the contrary developer track leads to jobs opportunities where the work of the individual can be checked before it leads to a loss of service.

          Please be aware some of your information may not be applicable to all regions. In practice some regions may require degrees; and many, but not all, doors may be closed without one. I personally have seen many people work they way up without one; but that may be getting rarer. And I regularly have to mentor people in organisations I am at before I move on.

          Regardless .... good luck with your career .... but please be careful with your videos, one can lead as well as mislead and be very very very careful to keep they certification safe.