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    Reg : Oracle and OS -

    ranit B
      Hi Experts,

      I've a doubt regarding the Oracle Services in Win7 :
      When I go to services.msc in my Win7 machine, I can see few Services named -

      Could you please explain me the use of each one? And, if it is related to the starting of an Instance and mounting of a Database ??

      Sometimes, when I start my system and try to connect using SQL*Plus, it gives me some error (can't remember it now). Then, by chance I discovered that starting the OracleServiceXE fixes this.
      Just want to know the background concept.

      My Database :
      Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - Production
      PL/SQL Release - Production
      CORE      Production
      TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
      NLSRTL Version - Production
      Ranit B.
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          Niket Kumar
          you can easily find what the services do by google....
          oracleservice<database_name> must be started to start the database...if this service is stopped you cannot start ur database and got error which you don't remeber now :-)
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            ranit B
            Thanks Niket, But nowhere it was very clear to me.
            So thought to check with experts here, who can share some of their practical knowledge.

            How these services are related to commands - START, START MOUNT, START NOMOUNT, etc...

            Just curious about the underlying concepts about how actually DBAs work. At work, we don't have these access to production server... just developer access. So, trying to understand while at home in my own XE server.
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              by chance I discovered that starting the OracleServiceXE fixes this.
              Just want to know the background concept.

              To work with oracle database, first thing you have to do is to startup the database, on windows its configured as a service and to start the service automatically. The service has a startup type which controls the automatic starting.

              If you configure this service to be automatic each time you startup your windows machine the oracle database service is also started.

              To startup a oracle database manually you have to run the following commands, windows service is doing it automatically for you.
              sqlplus / as sysdba
              If you want to understand little more just open the alert log file "<C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\diag\rdbms\xe\xe\trace\>alert_xe.log, see the last line, stop the OracleServiceXE service and reopen the file and see. Eeach time the services is started or stopped the log is updated (log is updated on many other instances also, you can see that if you go throught the file content).

              If you ever find yourself not able to connect to database you can always go to the alert log file and check the status of the database.

              See the windows registry (ORA_XE_AUTOSTART) value also


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                ranit B
                Thanks Yoonus!
                This is what I was looking for... Any pointer on the other Services?
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                  See if these links are helpful. You can search google with the service name or service executable name (ex OracleJobScheduler)


                  Please read this one if you have not started already http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e25789/toc.htm

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                    provide enterprise scheduling functionality,External jobs performed by the user,This service is disabled by default. In order to use the external jobs functionality, the administrator must set the username and password for the user account under which this service must run, and enable the service.

                    You Can check : http://www.stanford.edu/dept/itss/docs/oracle/10g/win.101/b10113/what_new.htm
                    databases to be used as resource managers in Microsoft Transaction Server-coordinated transactions, providing strong integration between Oracle solutions and Microsoft Transaction Server.

                    Reads Post by Expert Hans about that :
                    What is the function of OracleXEClrAgent and OracleMTSRecoveryService?
                    For oracle Database.
                    provides the host for the Microsoft Common Language Runtime - documented in the "Oracle Data Provider for .NET Developer's Guide" and "Oracle Database Extensions for .NET Developer's Guide.

                    The Same Reply by Hans in above thread.
                    This services used to control Oracle database listener.
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                      ranit B
                      Thanks Yoonus and Osama, the explanations were really helpful.