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    SCRM Supplier name into GSM Activity

      my customer requires the following customization:
      when you create a GSM Activity you need to be able to select its related SCRM Supplier by drop down list.
      Basically he needs a link between GSM Activity and SCRM Company/Facility profile.
      Would it be possible to create an additional section to manage it?
      Would you please suggest how to customize the system to reach this goal?
      How long do you think such a customization would take?

      Thanks and regards.

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          What business problem are you trying to solve with GSM Activities?
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            we are trying to manage vendor's non conformances with GSM Activities.
            However each activity needs to be referred to his Supplier.
            We already created an extended attribute called 'Supplier' (type Qualitative Lookups) for GSM Activities where user can choose the Supplier Name.
            Ideally user should be able to view SCRM Supplier Profile by clicking on the value of this extended attribute (or on something else).
            Would you please advise?

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              You are in luck. With 6.1.1 we released a Product Quality Management application. This application was designed to track supplier non conformances (incoming goods inspections), audits, product quality issues (customer complaints, consumer complaints etc). In addition to tracking the incidents you also use PQM to correct the issue. There is even a supplier PQM application that allows suppliers to directly interact with supplier corrective actions as well as view their current quality scores.

              This is definitely the approach your customer should take. 6.1.1 is available now. You can review all documentation on OTN: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/documentation/agile-085940.html#plmprocess


              If you are still taking the GSM activity approach as a phase 1 then you could use supplier document URL function. Users can put in the supplier link that way. There is a browse feature that can be enabled to open your custom tool that could allow users to find a supplier. The following quick links could be used, either manually by the user or programmatically by a custom browse tool:
              SCRM Company http://LOCALSITEURL/scrm/BaseForms/frmCompany.aspx?EntityID=xxxxxxx
              SCRM Facility http://LOCALSITEURL/scrm/BaseForms/frmFacility.aspx?EntityID=xxxxxxx

              This may be a nicer approach than the EA. You could always use the EA then automatically add a supplier doc link to the supporting docs control based on the users EA selection as well.

              Hope this helps. I highly recommend PQM because there are other aspects to managing supplier NCRs that the GSM Activity just can't handle.