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    security module

      dear experienced people
      I have module, and i want to make forms for users and privilege for users to access the forms and reports of this module, please advice me how to do it, and please if you have any samples it will be very good
      best regards
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          Amatu Allah Neveen Ebrahim
          hey :-)

          pls check the following link...

          Re: login screen


          Amatu Allah
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            Thank you dear for you answer, but i want to make user privilege for example i have 2 users,one is admin and another is user2, and i want to give different privilege for every one for open menus and forms and reports
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              Amatu Allah Neveen Ebrahim
              well, this is just an example...

              1.create 2 tables... master is named e.g. users_names the details called users_privileges with relation one to many

              2.the master has user_id pk,user_name,detail has users_privileges has 4 fields e.g. s,i,u,d for select , insert update & delete besides the user_id & module_id as a pk
              - it is described in next step -

              3.A table called application_modules table with forms & reports name

              attention with ur requirements pls give ...
              a user_id as a foreign key and a relation one to many between users_names& application_modules table which has a module_id as a pk and module_name or\ and desc and a relation between users_privileges and 2 previous tables.

              4. u Will need to build foms interface to these tables
              user_id &name as a master and privileges as detailsi
              second a form with modules and forms & reports to add...

              ..pls note many approaches followed here...

              u could use this technique as it is building alternative form w ith user_id as a master form and modules as detail with a small flag in a db u can add to work as a check box form side to select or deselect the module for each user and another form or a stacked canvas with the privilege check boxes of i j s d

              the admin has a full access to these forms reports and has the privilege to adding any form or report to any user.

              there in next step u Will need to handed the security through when new form instance trigger by calling the security funaction know link given...

              or through menu security

              Amatu Allah
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                thanks dear, it is really useful