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    Endeca  Experience manager -Autogen dimension ID's from Staging -Production

      I have installed latest endeca version 6.3 along with Experience manager.

      On staging environment, Created new page Search Results page and associated refinement to page like ColorGroup . Dimension ID 100229 was associated with ColorGroup dimension

      Now when same experience manager content gets transferred to staging to Production environment. Same dimension ID 100229 gets transferred to Production but now it is not associated with ColorGroup facet

      How to keep these ID's same across environment so that even if respective environments generates --index dimension IDs are not changed?

      Is there any way--to stop auto gen of dimension ID's and it starts taking user provided dimension Id's?

      Any help on above queries is highly appreciated


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          Unfortunately, Endeca uses few XML files in data/state folder to store these autogen dim ids. These would be generated automatically during each Endeca baseline ingestion and there is no way to control/stop this.

          Your best bet is to copy these over to prod from staging before you transfer the content. You can use eaccmd utility to do this, command would be something like - "eaccmd.sh start-util --type copy --app <app_name> --recursive --from <staging_host> --to <production_host> --src "<app_root>/data/state/*" --dest "<app_root>/data/state/".

          The only downside is you have define production host in staging application instance and you need to make sure that eac on staging can communicate to eac on production host.

          Let me know if this helps.

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            Tijomon Mathew
            we are facing the same issue with dynamiclly changing the dimension ids, i was following the steps which you had given, the autogen_dimensions.xml in the data/state is getting override every time the the baseline get executed

            can we stop this behavior or contril in such a way that use the defualt autogen and create the new dimensions