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    Currency separator "single quote" instead of comma

      Hello Everyone,

      I have got a requirement to use single quote as the separator in all my currency fields, I tried that by using
      but its giving error while inserting/updating the data, because " ' " is not a part of number, also getting trouble doing calculations in javascript.

      Is there any better way of doing this, such that single quote should come up only at display point of time and will not get into consideration while submission of page or in javascript.

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          Hi Tauceef,

          this is horrible, but should work(assuming that your original separator is a comma):
          To calculate/store the value, you could select the value a second time to a hidden value which you use in javascript or to submit.
          Please let me know if this is what you wanted.


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            I am changing the currency format by using the method given in this post:

            how to change currency format

            and for reconverting the string into number have created a on submit Computation where I have written this(one computation for each item)
            I want a suggestion from all on this,

            I am planning to create a package for doing the above process, one procedure/function for "onload" and one for "on submit".

            but if I write a function which will return me the respective string on load and another for changing the string to number, in this case I have to call these functions for each and every item in my page, if I am having 100 items on a page, I have to call above function 100 times both on load and on submit, its going to take time.

            I have another way of doing this is creating a procedure for both onload and onsubmit processes, where I will do the conversion and assign the values to items using

            "set_session_state" API, in this case I have to write a procedure for each page wherever I am having currency.

            Just want a feedback from experts which one would be better or if anyone have any other better Idea.

            Please share your views.


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              I did it using the package only, and its working fine, didn't see much effect because of this.

              Having one more doubt on How to do this in Reports.

              In Reports we are having Currency fields and also showing the Sum of those fields

              so, if I format the field using to_char(), sum will not come as it will be varchar.

              Currently its displaying as simple number, but want to format it like 10'000'000

              Please share some Idea if anyone worked on scenario like this.

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                got it resolved by creating a new column for all currency columns with the formatting required, and used them in the HTML Expression of the existing columns.