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    Collections.sort() on complex Object using custom Comparator

      Hi All,
      We have a Set<CompositeObject> with entries of a complex Object and before I could process each entry in a certain sequence based on one of keys in this complex object. The CompositeObject has two methods getFirst() and getSecond(). The first attribute is a String but the getSecond() returns a Collections.singletonMap (index, <SomePayload>); I need to sort the Collection based on the 'index'. What I have is something similar:
      public void process (Set set) {
      List sortedList = new ArrayList(set);
      Collections.sort(sortedList, new Comparator() {
      public int compare (Object o1, Object o2) {
      int c1 = (Integer) ((Map) (((CompositeObject) o1).getSecondary()).keySet().iterator().next());
      int c2 = (Integer) ((Map) (((CompositeObject) o2).getSecondary()).keySet().iterator().next());

      return Integer.compare(c1, c2);

      But when I do iterator() on sortedList it is not returning the expected sorting. What am I missing?