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    RACNODE1 boot fail


      I have installed a RAC (11g) in oracle enterprise linux 5 and with open filer as storage. There are 2 nodes, racnode1 and racnode2. Now racnode1 (first node) is not booting up. how can i make it working ? or if i format and install what is the procedure? without racnode1 enterprise manager(web) is also not working.

      can be fixed the existing node? or need to reinstall ?


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          Sebastian Solbach -Dba Community-Oracle

          pls post some logs (like alert log of the GI), that we can help you.
          Saying node does not work is not an accurate error description.

          Furthermore read documentation how to relocate EM to the surviving node...

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            Node not started means first you check $CRS_HOME/bin/crs_stat -t, if all services all node 1 services are showing in offline mode, then what you do is check ocr and voting disk permission it would be root:root you need to change it oracle:oinour group ( if your group is oinstall then).
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              Hi All,

              My problem was with server firmware. My server is IBM X3250 entry level server. I updated server firmware, now server is booting and working as before.
              Thanks all for the suport


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