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    list manager translation

      Hello all,

      I have a small but annoying problem.

      I have to review an application that has been developed in german and should be rendered in both german and english.

      So the previous developper has defined the application texts in german and has defined a translated application in english.

      The problem is : there is a List Manager in a page that contains two buttons (Add / Remove). They are still defined with english text in the main application (german) and I cannot find any properties to change this.

      The list manager also opens a popup with two other buttons. And the problem is the same.

      Do you any other solution than renaming every elements from the main application in english and then translate it in german?

      I guess I can use a dynamic action to redefine the two visible buttons text. But it will not solve the problem for the popup buttons

      Any Idea?

      Thank you very much.

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          Scott Wesley
          Arie Geller is an expert on this, and if I recall there is a pertinent chapter in this book regarding globalization & translation.

          But no doubt there are a few blog posts on this topic - look for keywords found under Shared Components -> Translate Application

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