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    Displaying data on line chart dynamically using OEM MPCUI framework

      Hi ,

      I am developing GUI using MPCUI framework for OEM plug-in.
      I have some requirement to display data on line charts dynamically using MPCUI framework. Scenario is given below:

      1) MPCUI page is displayed with drop down combo enlisted with “Database List”.

      2) User selects the “database” from drop down.

      3) Based upon database selection, we fetch the list of storage volume on which database resides using SQL data service. Example: vol1, vol2. (out of 100 volumes list)
      Example: Volume Metric Columns are:
      VolName, IOPS (I/O Operations per Second), here volname is keyvalue

      4) Once we get the list of volumes, we want to display IOPS of all those volumes (v1, v2) on line chart with last 24 hours of data. I am thinking to call MetricDataService but with filter of list of volumes fetched dynamically based upon user input as mentioned in point 3. Please note that volume list is dynamic in nature.

      5) Also, by default, when page is displayed, nothing would be displayed except “Database dropdown” and everything should be hidden. When user selects the database, chart would be displayed. If user changes the database criteria, page should be re-loaded with new data populated. (new volume list - v5,v6)

      Can you please help how can we do this?

      Also, Please let me know how can we attach image here on this forum for more details

      Sachin Maheshwari
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          Assume that your “volume” column is the key column in the metric, if not then you’ll need to figure out some other way to do this. You don’t need to use a separate MetricDataService, you can set the properties for metrics and keys directly in the chart. In your page controller you’d write a handler that responds to changes in the ComboBox (dropdown). There is an example of handling ComboBox change events in the HomePage. The handler would change the model to set the values that are bound to the “keys” property of the line chart, e.g. keys=”{model.volumes}” which would be an Array of the key objects. There are examples of setting keys in hostsample. You can hide or make the chart visible by setting the “visible” property for the chart component to a bindable item, e.g. visible=”{model.isChartVisible}”. This would be set in your controller as well and would be set in the init method to false to hide the chart by default.
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            Hi ,

            Thank you for answering the query. It worked perfectly for filtering record based upon "keys".

            Sachin Maheshwari