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    Not able to install Management Agent on non-OMS server, different platform


      I run OMS 12.2 on a Linux platform and need to make a 64-bit Windows server a managed target by getting the Management Agent installed.

      The Agent software for the 64-bit Win server platform has been downloaded using the Self Update console. However, I can't add the host target as it keeps reporting that I have selected a platform for which Management Agent software is not available on the OMS and that I have to use the Self Update function etc.

      So, after I downloaded the agent software for win 64-bit to the OMS using the self update fucntion, in the list of Agent Software Updates, I see:
      Downloaded  |  Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)  |  | Oracle  |  Agent Software ...
      and when highlighted, in the Past Activities list it shows actions 'Available' and then 'Download', both with status Succeeded.

      So now I go to: Setup - Add Target - Add Targets Manually - Add Hosts
      I add an entry, fill in the IP address and choose the platform (win 64-bit), but the platform name is still appended with *"Agent Software Unavailable"* and it then recommends me again to download the software for that platform using Self Update !

      Just in case, I did a fresh login into the OEM but that didn't help.

      Can anybody please suggest me a course of action to 'fix' this?

      Many thanks!