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    BI Scheduler Issue

      We have BI servers (Primary & Secondary) and both are on cluster (Load Balancing). Users are able to connect both servers without any issues.

      Primary server Scheduler is Active and Secondary scheduler one is Inactive all the time. If I make Secondary server Scheduler is Active then automatically Primary one is become Inactive (vice versa)
      OBIEE environment: 10g (

      Any Help on this please
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          Dear KBabu,

          it seems to be normal because the BI Scheduler component participates in the BI Cluster in active-passive mode. Install BI Scheduler on two machines, one will be identified as the active node and the other as the passive node. So if the active BI Scheduler crashes then the second becomes active to allow scheduling.

          Please see the rittman site (http://www.rittmanmead.com/2009/02/obiee-high-availability-presentation-services-and-scheduler/):

          Assuming that you have already gone through the default scheduler configuration on each node, adding these to the cluster is quite straight forward. In the [OracleBI]/server/Config/NQClusterConfig.INI file, add the following line

          SCHEDULERS = "aravis4.rmcvm.com:9705:9708", "aravis1.rmcvm.com:9705:9708";

          (obviously replacing my server names with your own). This will basically tell the Cluster Controller that the first server in the list, namely aravis4, will be the main/active scheduler, and aravis1 will be the passive one. Next step is to configure each scheduler to join the cluster. On each node, use the schconfig tool to change the Advanced settings of the Scheduler (Choice 1, 3 and then 3) to set ‘Participant in a Cluster’ to True. Save your settings and exit the tool. Now restart the cluster controllers on each node and then start up the schedulers.


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