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    JavaFX Swing Tutorial Wizard

      The average age of my user is older than I expected - 60ish. As such, the learning curve on my app is higher than I expected.

      I want to code a tutorial wizard that runs on top of my app taking then thru step by step.

      Anyone had experience with that sort of thing who can over tips and/or design patterns?
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          I have not produced such a thing, but was thinking that with JavaFX making it so easy to work with media, the easiest path might be to record videos and incorporate those into a help menu, at least as part of your strategy.

          Some things to keep in mind, especially in working with an older demographic, are principles of accessibility. Anything you can do to make it more accessible to those with seeing, hearing and/or other types of difficulties and disabilties would probably be helpful.
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            Here is some code for a simple wizard: https://gist.github.com/2850787
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              Ok, yes, that's a wizard - I guess I meant something else -

              I was envisioning something where there is a screen with multiple controls, and a 'tutorial' walks you thru using the controls, explaining whats happening as you go along.

              Just not decided on a design approach yet