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    Re: Sparc t4-1 RAID configuration


      what is the best solution for The T4-1 server not detect the 8 disks and when I command in devalias its showing 8 disk but in solaris OS it show only 4 disk.
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          You resurrected an old and completed thread from August 2012.
          Then you asked a question that effectively hijacked that thread away from the original poster, and the topic, for your own inquiry.

          I've arranged to have your post split away to let it stand on its own, as you should have done to begin with.

          Here's a link to the product documentation:
          You made no mention whether you had seen any of it, so I suggest you go read those documents. I'm sure they will give you plenty of guidance on how to administer your system and eventually get all your disk drives into a usable state.

          By the way, an OBP devalias is hard-coded to a particular system's design and will show a path whether a disk exists or not. They are pre-exdisting shortcuts.