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    Data-Control is not getting refreshed

      Hi Gurus,

      I have created one BPM process and UI for that project.I have done lots of modification in UI. Now for business reason, I need to add one attribute in my process. After adding the attribute in my process and Human task , I have refreshed the datacontrol. But the data control is not getting refreshed, I am not able to see the newly added attribute in the datacontrol of the Human task. I have Checked the Schema location in datacontrol.dcx file , and that was pointed to correct location.But still data control is not getting refreshed. It will be not possible for me to generate the datacontrol again, because i have made lots of customization in UI.

      Is there any other way to refresh the datacontrol. Any suggestion would be helpful to me.

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          Dan Atwood
          Hi Sharmistha,

          Just a guess on what's wrong - I'm guessing that you clicked the "Refresh" icon in the Data Control accordian's titile. This will only refresh the list of data controls, but it won't refresh the payload inside of any of them. Instead, try this:

          1) in the Application Navigator tab expand the "Data Controls" accordian.
          2) right mouse click the specific data control you changed -> click "Edit Definition" -> click the "Refresh Data Control" checkbox.

          Hope this gets you going,
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            Hi Daniel,

            Thanks for the reply. I did the same thing(But forgot to mention at time of posting the thread) what you have mentioned to do, but facing the same issue.


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              On your ADF UI project (created based on the human task), open the DataControls.dcx file and view the source. On the human task based data control - check if the "taskLoc" attribute has the path pointing correctly to the ".task" file on your local repository.

              There is a bug in JDeveloper that we discovered in during our project - the original developer that generated the human task based task flow had checked in the file based on his local folder structure lets say taskloc="file:/c:\jdeveloper\Application1\project1\human.task", when a different developer i.e. you, checks out the files in a different location under "c:\jdeveloper\Application5\project5\human.task", then refreshing the data control would not work since it would not find your task definition file. Changing the full path to the correct human task refreshes the data control correctly. Try that.


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                Hi Vikram,

                Thanks for the reply. I mentioned same thing in my post that i have checked the DataControl.dcx file , where the schema location is pointing the proper location even the .task file too. But still it is not getting refreshed.

                Sample :

                *<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>*
                *<DataControlConfigs xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/configuration"*
                version="" id="DataControls"
                *<AdapterDataControl id="CCUI_IE"*
                SupportsTransactions="true" SupportsSortCollection="false"
                SupportsResetState="false" SupportsRangesize="false"
                SupportsFindMode="false" SupportsUpdates="false"
                *<XSDDataControl xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/bpel/workflow/task"*

                Is that possible to add the attribute manually in the xml of the DataControl ? Will that affect the entire code? or is there any file ,where i have to make changes for refreshing the Datacontrol.

                Thanks & Regards,
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                  What version of Jdeveloper are you using? Is it PS4 or PS4 Feature Pack ?
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                    I am using Jdeveloper PS4 with Feature Pack.

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                      Any chance you can upgrade to PS5 ( There are lots of weird Jdeveloper issues in the previous versions. Sometimes when I created a human task the Assignment tab wont even show and Jdeveloper would crash on me - of course this could be my local env which has several versions of Jdeveloper installed. PS5 is pretty stable for the most part.
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                        What has been changed on the Human task? Did you add a few task payload attributes? If yes, are they simple attributes like String? Try to open the "<Project_NAME>SimplePayloadType.xml" file to see if the new attributes were added after refreshing the data control. Maybe its just Jdeveloper UI that is caching the data control.
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                          In BPM Process, i have created one new BO which contains the the newly added attribute and then created the DO using the BO.After that I have opened the .task file using "Add Other parameter" option I added the data. I have also checked the IEWorkflowTask.xsd and IEPayload.xsd , where the Newly added data (BO)is added.I mean to say that XSD files are updated properly but Data Control is not getting updated.

                          <messageAttribute name="Outcome" attributeType="ELEMENT"
                          type="ns0:Outcome" updatable="true"

                          is the newly added data.

                          .task File Data Structure:
                          <payload xmlSchemaDefinition="xsd/IEPayload.xsd">
                          <messageAttribute name="Enquiry" attributeType="ELEMENT"
                          type="ns2:Enquiry" updatable="true"
                          <messageAttribute name="WorkflowDetails" attributeType="ELEMENT"
                          type="ns1:WorkflowDetails" updatable="true"
                          <messageAttribute name="Outcome" attributeType="ELEMENT"
                          type="ns0:Outcome" updatable="true"


                          <complexType name="IEPayloadType">
                          <element ref="ns0:Enquiry"/>
                          <element ref="ns1:WorkflowDetails"/>
                          <element ref="ns2:Outcome"/>
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                            I had the same issue after editing datacontrol.dcx with the proper file locations. After a restart of JDeveloper, the applicable Data-Control was then able to be refreshed. I am using PS5.

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