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    Launching Script


      In Windows XP I was able to have users lauch a script that would run several calcs. I set up an "Executable" that they could click on and the program would be launched. The first thing it would look for is C:\Essbase\bin\esscmd.exe

      We are now on Essbase 11 and Windows 7. I converted the script to MaxL.

      But the users now don't seem to have all the files that they had in Essbase 7 to launch the scripts. i.e. there isn't a C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\ExcelAddin\bin\essmsh.exe on the users computers. The script itself is lauched through a network shared drive but it's looking for the essmsh on their machines..

      Does anyone have any ideas what could be done to resolve this?

      Thanks in advance.