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    memory changes for hugepages.

      I have a linux server that has not been configured to use hugepages and I am looking to implement huge pages for better performance. The database version is and as I understand the asmm is not supported when enabling huge memory pages but the amm is supported.
      My memory parameter are set as follows...
      memory_max_target big integer 43648M
      memory_target big integer 43648M
      sga_max_size big integer 43648M
      sga_target big integer 0

      I understand that I will have to reset both memory_max_target and memory_target to zero in order to disable asmm. I guess I am confused about the sga_target being set to zero currently?
      Will I need to set a value there so that I will be still using automatic memory managment?
      The current db_cache and shared_pool parameters are showing as zero?