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    Forms 11g Release 2 installation hangs on the Admin Server Reinit

      Hi All.

      I'm installing Forms and Reports Designer option for 11g Rel2 on Windows 7.


      - Installed WLS 10.3.6 succesfully.
      - Installed 11g Rel2 for Windows successfully (ofm_frmrpts_win_11.
      - The installation hangs on the Configuration Process (14 of 15) on the Reinitialization of Admin Server step.

      My windows version is : Windows 7 Home Basic, 3 GB RAM. Pentium Dual Core E5300.

      The only thing i notice is not much free space on disk (3.87 GB).

      I have tried this procedure several times...

      Any idea would be of great help.

      Thanks in advance .....!

      Regards, Luis ....:)=