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    Code combination based hierarchy

    Robert Angel

      I am wanting to overlay a code combination based alternative reporting hierarchy in Finance against budgets, balances and journals.

      The nature of the overlay is that the first contact is from code combination id (all of the used segments in the chart of accounts) to a parent code / description. Each parent code then has a level number and may have a parent of its own, only linked to the original gl codes through the total chain of parents.

      From initial analysis I do not think this is possible using standard functionality - but if anyone thinks overwise - let me know!

      My question is, is there a document that I can utilise to perform the analysis on how this could be linked into the existing physical table structure? (i.e. I need to understand the current PK -> FK links in the physical layer to scope the extent of the work)


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          Veeresh Rayan
          Hi Robert,

          Your question is not clear..Could you please give an example ..Out of the box gives you hierarchy on minimum of 10(Check in GL Segment Hierarchy in RPD).

          Example segment1(account),segment2(cost center),segment3(Line of business) etc.

          Veeresh Rayan
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            Robert Angel

            my requirement is that the hierarchy is multi-leveland joined on all of the six live accounting segments.

            So; -

            Level 1 - 101.10222.8554.0444.000.00000 (accounting segments) joins to; AAAAA - My analysis code level 1
            Level 2 - AAAAA (parent) joins to BBBBB - My analysis code level 2

            Note it is the total combination of all the segments which is the requirement, so just because the first segment is 101, this does not mean that all entries with first segment 101 will be this parent, only when in combination with the rest of the segments exactly as above (so one code combination id effectively)