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    Impact of Changing Dimension Hierarchy

      I know this is done all the time - but wanted to double check - my client wants to change the hierarchy of a dimension (Hyperion Planning) significantly. Needless to say, that dimension is used in forms and reports - including in the page views. They want this done in production. Does changing the hierarchy have any impact on the forms or reports? I know this might be a little bit of a subjective question, but how would you assess?

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          First of all, I would suggest that the modification be done in developing environment, and then migrate to production if no doubt after testing.

          If this is not possible, then you should consider the member selections in your forms, reports:
          - Will the level selected change? Ex: if you select child of a certain member by function, you should consider what is going to be selected after modification.
          - Is there any specified member is going to be removed?
          - Will the form make sense after the modification of dimension?

          Since this topic is more a business logic one than only technical one, I think it hard to provide a confident answer. I think if possible, you definitely should test it first on another environment, or duplicate this application and do the modification on it first.
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            If users are adding the members then webform will not throw any error but if users are deleting the members which are in webforms then webform will thow errors. In your case when the dimension is used in Page in webfrom and reports then if you have taken Descendents(Member 1), then any addition of new member 2 as a child of member1 then it will automatically come as a selection in webforms.

            And deletion of any child of descendents will be also reflected without error, if user will try to delete member 1, then system will show error i.e. any member which is hardcoded in webform or reports, the deletion or updation of member name is not allowed.

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              Actually in my case, client wants to re-organize the dimension and add about 25 new members - but the levels of the previous members are changing significantly. So many members which were level 1 are now going to be level 2 etc. That is the nature of the change.