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    Moderator q? - re searching forum for 'XMLParserV2' - results not found

      Didn't know where else to post this so delete the thread if not appropriate here.

      Why can't this thread be found by searching the forum for 'xmlparser', 'XMLParserv2' or any other combination that should find it?
      Error with XMLParserV2.jar and LocaleMapper

      This is the title
      Error with XMLParserV2.jar and LocaleMapper
      And there are several references in the thread to that jar file.

      A search for 'xmlparser' won't even find this thread I just posted and it mentions that word several times.

      There have been other times when I can't find threads I know I have replied to but this example is so clear cut I can't understand if it is me or something about the search mechanism behind the forum software.

      If this is really a bug how do I report it?