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    Configurator process flow in istore

    L S P..
      Hi all,
      I am working iStore implementation process in R12. Could you please any one help me, what was the process flow when customer click's the Configure button to model item istore page.

      What are the back end API will be called during the process flow. Also how the model item is created with sub item details in shopping cart page.

      Please help..
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          L S P..
          Initially Quote_header_id will be created based on top model id. Also this quote header id will be updated with active shopping cart tales. once the entire configuration is completed means all sub items are passed through cursor and making entries in following tables using model configuration detail. The bom model configuration is available in cz_config_hdrs table. Aso_quote_headers_all, aso_quote-lines_all,aso_quote_line_details and aso_quote_line_relationship.