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    BI Publisher Conditional Page Break Issue Help Needed !!

    Abhilash K

      Here is a sample rtf template .
      first page:
      Sample Text
      +<?For-each :G1?>+

      Text 2
      end of first page.
      Text 3
      +<?end for-each?><?end -for-each?><?end -for-each?>+
      end of second page.

      I want the output to be like this below:


      Value1's Values

      Value1's Value details

      I want to have page breaks for every value of G1. And for the first page the sample text to be shown too.and from the second value onwards i dont want to display the sample text.

      This is actually like a Master Detail Detail Report. We pass a parameter like Item Description say 'Electric' the first loop will have the values of all items with description term as 'electric'
      the values of them is to be displayed in second loop.
      and based on the values displayed in second loop display the supplier contact details in the next page.

      I have got the outputs. Output needs to be formatted with page breaks for each value of G1.

      Can anybody help on this issue?


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