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    Repository connection for all user


      I have following question. I have ODI studio installed on a machine. Many users are using this machine via remote desktop.
      I have created repository connection and I can succesfully connect. However other users of this PC when try to connect to repository do not see this connection in login name list and can not log in. How to make it vissible to all users? I can not create repository connection on all of theirs users accounts and not want to share maste repository db password.

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          The connection setup is linked to the profile of the user logged onto the remote desktop, I don't know if you can make this global, but I've always had to set it up individually for each profile. How many users have you got that require access to ODI and what are they doing? If they don't need development access a better option would be to set up the ODIConsole (web interface) and have them login to ODI via that route.
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            You can add a windows environment variable IDE_USER_DIR and setting it to a directory, then copy the config information from your user directory

            Have a read in Oracle Support - "How To Set Up A Shared ODI Studio Environment To Allow Multiple Users To Have Their Own Specific Folders On Microsoft Windows OS? [ID 1277560.1]"

            If you read the article it says to add a user folder I think if you don't enter the user folder and copy the config files from a user directory it may use one folder for all (though I can't remember to be honest)

            e.g. create IDE_USER_DIR and set it to C:\ODI_CONFIG

            Copy C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\odi\oracledi folder to C:\ODI_CONFIG

            If it doesn't work with one root folder then you can just create user directories under the directory set in IDE_USER_DIR and copy the config contents into each folder.

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              Bhabani Ranjan
              why dont you share the snps_login_work.xml file to everyone and tell hem to put in userlib directory. Each user much have one userlib folder.

              For XP: C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\odi\oracledi
              For W7: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\odi\oracledi\userlib