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    Document.wwv_flow.submit is not a function

      I am able to create tab using following jquery source.
      <script type="text/javascript">
            $tabs = $("#my_dashboard_tabs");  
          load: function(event, ui) {
              $('a', ui.panel).click(function() {
                  return false;

      The HTML region section I have added following html code

      <div id="my_dashboard_tabs">
      The jquery tabs are working smoothly. But "Document.wwv_flow.submit is not a function" (Firefox firebug) error mesage appearing when i tried to leave from jquery tabbed page. click actions are not working outside of this page beacuse of this error message.
      I couldn't under stand what is the exact error message.

      ((internet Explorer : "Object doesn't support this property or method")
      I will appreciate if somebody can help me


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