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    Unable to sign in metalink

      I changed my username recently, but now I cannot log in metalink.

      When I sign in, the system prompts me a message, saying "Email Change in progress. Account setup is still in progress. Check back later."

      I have waited for several days, but the problem still exists.

      Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

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          Support contact details (for various services) are at:

          Do not see a specific My Support support e-mail address... just phone numbers. Phoning would perhaps give you the fastest resolution?

          Who is the (client) administrator for your CSI? Has this person cleared and okayed any request that your e-mail change may have triggered? The CSI admin (client user, not Oracle) deals with 1st line user issues for that CSI - such as allowing an e-mail account access to the CSI and specifying that account's access rights.

          If the admin user is happy there is no issue on that side, you can ask the person to log a "Contact SR" on your behalf to get your e-mail change sorted for access to that CSI.