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    ADF Tree traverse with children more than 25


      JDev -

      We have a ADF tree based out of single DB table. Able to display the tree as per our request. We are trying to traverse the tree from a managed bean.
      We found an issue with number of child returned from method _node.getChildren(). Eventhough particular node having more than 25 children, it's returing only 25. There is no issue, if a node having less than 25 children.Issue is with a node having more than 25 nodes.

      Following is the sample code to traverse an ADF tree.

      private void traverseTree(List<JUCtrlHierNodeBinding> children,
      Boolean check) {
      System.out.println("Start traverseTree");
      if (children != null) {
      for (JUCtrlHierNodeBinding _node : children) {
      List<JUCtrlHierNodeBinding> innerChildren;
      innerChildren = _node.getChildren();
      traverseTree(innerChildren, check);
      } //End of for loop
      } else {
      System.out.println("children NULL");
      System.out.println("End traverseTree");

      Found RangeSize attribute value as 25. is the issue beacause of this attribute?

      <iterator Binds="MDTopicsChild7" RangeSize="25"
      DataControl="AppModuleAMDataControl" id="MDTopicsChild7Iterator"

      It would be great, if some one suggest on this issue.

      Thanks in advance,