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    Upgrade to 12C: agents upgraded to 12c before OEM GC

      I am upgrading from to, using System Upgrade Approach (option 1). My question is this: I about 85 hosts/agents to deploy/upgrade. Using the deployment (upgrade Agent menu), I am deploying and configuring the agents from 10.20.05 to 12c in batches of 10. Is it possible to upgrade go to the option to switch the agents over to 12C from the agents that I have deployed, or do I have to wait until I have deployed the 12C agent to all the 85 hosts and upgraded the OMS to 12C before switching agent to 12C

      If I can switch the agent at the same time as deploying them, does this mean that Agent 12C will work with OEM until the OMS is upgraded

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          You can switch over the agents that you have upgraded at any time before upgrading the oms, but your agent will appear as down in 10205 oms, because 12c agent is not compatible with 10205, 12c agent work only with 12c oms, once you upgrade your oms to 12c then you will see the agents as up status.

          Please go through to the doc

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            Akanksha Sheoran Kaler-Oracle
            To add to what Nazim mentioned, in 1-system you can deploy agents (batches of 10 that you are doing) and then switch them as well. Once you switch them the 10205 agent will be shown as down in em 10205 console as switching operation is shutting down your 10205 agents and bring up 12c agents. Since 12c agents are not supported with 10205 EM , they will be not be shown at all. In 1-system the downtime of your EM system essentially start from switching operation till you finish your OMS/rep upgrade.

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