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        Are you certain that the block raising the event is being called? If the procedure raising the event is executing properly, and is not erroring, then I am at a loss as to where else to look. That is the last place that there could be a problem. Sorry I couldn't help you. If you figure it out, please let me know, as I am curious as to why it's not working.

        I have created many custom events, and have gone through all the troubleshooting that has helped me in the past.

        Good luck.

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          Hi all.

          I have the same problem. I have a trigger with wf_event.raise.

          If I put a code into PL/SQL procedure works fine, but when I call from trigger "wf_event.raise" don't works.

          Any help??

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            You need to commiit after the wf_event.raise. Do not do that in the trigger, create a stored procedure with an autonomous transaction to raise the event and commit.
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              Hi Shersh.

              Thanks for your answer.

              We have others two environments and the trigger works fine in they.
              I can't see any diference.

              Any idea???

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                Did you try testing the subscription from the UI using the WF Admin Responsibility? How did you create the event and subscription? Did you create from the forms, or use a script/utility? If you did not create from the forms, make sure the event and subscription both have licensed_flag = 'Y'.
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                  We had a similar problem when we were testing a few events. When the event was raised from workflow administratror the custom subscription was getting picked but when the same event was getting raised by pl/sql program it didn't get executed. After a lot of debug we found that the event key that was assumed to be a NUMBER in our sample subscription was a VARCHAR2 for few events and it was raising an exception which we didn't bother to capture in the custom subscription earlier. This was a silly mistake which took our lot of time.
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