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    download order entry schema for XE?

      How can I get the current version of the order entry schema for XE?

      There' s another question marked as answered, but the download links don't work.
      The oracle developer days vm comes with a folder order_entry, but it contains the oc schema only.

      Can anybody help me? I tried several things, it didn't work.
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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Pl post OS and XE versions.

          Have you looked at the install guide - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e10831/toc.htm ?

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            Thanks for youre response.

            The XE version is 11.2.0 running on Windows 8.

            I want to follow the examples of the oracle press book "Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development", which are based on the OE schema.
            I already have successfuly installed the required HR schema, following this installation guide, chapter "Manually Installing Sample Schemas":


            This folder contains the HR schema only:

            The OE schema ist missing, so I can't proceed. It looks like a have to obtain the OR-Scripts anywhere.

            Is it possible to download the OE schema separetly?

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              Srini Chavali-Oracle
              Pl see if this link can help


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                Thanks again Srini, I have tried your suggestion.
                The installation of the database examples aborts with inconsistent confusing error messages. it says (in german) something like: "the examples can only be installed in an existing oracle home. the oracle home already contains folders. oracle home contains software, which is leading to a conflict. "

                But oracle home is correct:

                There's enough disk space and admin privileges.
                Is it generally possible to use the examples whith XE?

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                  Srini Chavali-Oracle
                  Yes it should be possible to use the examples with XE - I do not believe they have any special requirements. Can you pl post the complete error messages and codes ?

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                    How come you have chosen XE for db server?

                    The Examples installation is based on OUI, but XE isn't, which could be why you get that error.

                    Take a look at the OTN dev license -- it may fit your case and purpose, so possibly you may base environment for learning on EE or SE instead. (otn.oracle.com -> Downloads)

                    Oh, I did not even think of it before.... Since you need to agree to the license to be able to download and use the Examples media in the first place, this should not be an issue.

                    If you want to continue with XE anyway, follow info/links in this thread about manual install of Samples Schemas on XE:
                    Error installing Sample Schemas in Oracle XE11

                    The "demo" scripts for manual install of Sample Schemas can be extracted from examples\stage\Components\oracle.rdbms.companion\\1\DataFiles\filegroupX.jar
                    Where X = 13 for OE and X = 10 for HR.

                    Parts of OE may not be possible to create with XE, since certain features are not included. You may also need to drop the included HR and install HR from Examples demo scripts first, since OE depends on it and the version included with XE may not be the "full" HR Sample schema.

                    added extract and install stuff

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                      Sorry, I didn't know about the dev license.
                      Of course I am going to use Standard/Enterprise Edition.

                      I already tried the installation of the standard edition on my windows 8 PC and encountered a problem with the NET configuration.
                      But I think this doesn't belong to the XE forum here.

                      Maybe I return to XE for a small project later.

                      Thank you guys for your great help and support.