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    How to launch UI Maps and Web Pages in a browser with OUAF code


      I would like to know if there any classes in OUAF which would let an user to write some java code to call the UI Map or Web page of an OUAF based application?

      For example if user wants to navigate to person page (Menu-> Admin Menu -> P -> + Person), then is it possible to launch Person page with any existing java classes in OUAF?

      Something like the following. Is this really posssible/acheivable with so called re-usability property of OUAF. Any proxy or factory pattern based class for accessing any UI Map or Web Page of the application.

      PersoncCass p = new PersonClass();

      p.open(Mode::Add); //Should open the Maintenance Map

      p.open(Mode::read) // Should open the Display Map

      p.open(Mode::Search) // should open Person Search Portal