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    Installation of 4.70-909.i386 (Linux SuSE)

      The installation proces is broken during cpio on directory ..../docroot/native ....

      exactly; error: unpacking of archive failed on file /opt/tarantella/var/docroot/native/sgdcwin-zc_cn.msi;51001ab9:
      cpio read fail file descriptor

      There is a newer install version? or what ist to do?



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          After I have tryied to install the same verison for 32 and 64 bits, the installation was done.

          Now it is not possible to log in (an existing user)
          The command "tarantella status" answeres NOT ACCEPTING CONNECTIONS

          What can be the reason for it?
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            maybe the fact that SGD is not supported on SUSE.

            Other things that can contribute to this message include

            - improperly sized server (see release notes)
            - improperly configured server (see install instructions)
            - check network, DNS (requirement) and loopback in /etc/hosts config

            restart with

            $ tarantella stop; sleep 30; tarantella stop --kill
            $ tarantella start --verbose

            and post message along with /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf and

            $ tarantella config