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    Package load Failed! Invalid package Title, manifest file cannot be found

      Greetings. I am new to UPK and am seeking guidance on an upgrade to 11.1.

      A little background on what we are trying to do:

      We have two machines:
      Windows 2003 machine in domain 'X' | UPK
      Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine in domain 'Y' | UPK 11.0 on the new machine first, install the patch, and then upgrade to 11.1.

      We are using the same database as the old machine. Developer Server is Standard Authentication, Knowledge Center is Windows authentication.

      So far we have installed 11.1 with the respective database upgrades, but are lost as to how to migrate the old Content Root data. We have copied all the content to the new Content Root, added it to IIS like the old machine, and verified that the UPK database Content Root path is correct and working.

      For the rest of the post, I am remoted into the server from my local workstation, and then using IE to access KCenter on the server's FQDN, not via localhost.

      Since I am green, so I presumed that I would need to import the titles under Manager in KCenter. I zipped each content folder individually (they are named "1", "9", etc), and then attempted to import each zip file.

      NOTE: At this stage sometimes we are prompted to authenticate again. When it does, sometimes the credentials that we know work, get rejected and we are prompted again. This will repeat until we get a 401 and we have to start over. We have verified that the Windows account currently in session with the site is valid and has administrator authority within KC.

      NOTE2: On the first few tries, .NET complained that maxRequestLength was not large enough. I had our servers team increase it on the actual server in order for us to proceed.

      Provided we don't have to authenticate again, or that it actually accepts our credentials, we get to the 30% mark and then receive the error: *"Package load Failed! Invalid package Title, manifest file cannot be found"*

      Does anyone have any wisdom for this process? The title importation section in the deployment manual is not helping, and the administrator from whom I am taking over this software has not had to deal with this before.

      Thank you,

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          Marc Santosusso

          I hope you've since found a solution to your problem, but if not strongly recommend you submit a support ticket in My Oracle Support. Additional information can be found in the announcement at the top of this forum: https://forums.oracle.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=1175

          Best regards,
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            Hi Marc, thanks for the post,

            I have gone through an extensive troubleshooting process with Oracle, including their development team, in order to fully complete our project setup. As a supplemental bit of information, we also were having connection errors when attempting to publish directly to the knowledge center.

            As far as the context of this post, here is the solution in brief:

            1) Verify that the package being imported was published from the same version of the Developer Client as the Knowledge Center installation's.
            2) Check for database consistency issues. In our case we were using a database that was built in another domain. After numerous attempts with Oracle support on the line to determine the inconsistency, it was decided to completely reinstall and build a new database from scratch in the new domain.
            3) Check application pool identities and access (while we had some inconsistencies here, correcting them did not change the behavior of the import/publish errors)

            In review, a lot of what we had setup was correct. Our primary point of failure, we feel, was using the old database. Technically this should not have been a problem, but Murphy likes to get his way sometimes.

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              Marc Santosusso
              Hello Ian,

              Great follow up. Thanks for sharing the information. Glad you got it all sorted out.

              Best regards,