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    Create Data Entry Form

      Hello All!

      I am new to APEX and need to create a data entry form that combines 5 tables. What is the best way to accomplish it?

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          Name, Apex version and Oracle DB version would be nice. You said you were new to Apex but are you new to Oracle?
          Are you creating a form that enters data into or updates all 5 tables or just updating 1 table and need to display other information?
          There are many ways but I'll just point out 2 methods based on what answers you give to my questions.
          1) You can try creating a view out of those tables(http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/server.111/b28286/statements_8004.htm). Depending on the level of complexity, you might need need instead-of triggers and other constructs
          2) Create a Form based on a procedure. So your stored procedure handles all the changes to the various tables.
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            Howard (... in Training)

            Could you change your handle (985629) just so we can be friendly. What's your version of Oracle, APEX, etc? Have you read the "Welcome": https://forums.oracle.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=1324 ?

            You might also look at {message:id=3287456} and {message:id=9679777}. Actaully, use the search capability with "data entry multiple tables" or something like that.

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              Apex version 4.2, Oracle 11g. I have created stored procedures and triggers in Oracle in the past. Yes, I am creating a form that enters/updates data all 5 tables
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                Well then either method will work though I must confess I've never built a form based on a Stored procedure only because I'm not a huge fan of stand-alone procedures.
                Personally I tend to go for option 3, Create packages to handle all the CRUD DML but since you're new to Apex, you can use the Instead Of Triggers. Howard's links point out those methods as well.