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    Point localhost OBIEE instance to specific RPD

      Im a bit new to OBIEE and am trying to figure out how to get things to work in a multi user development enviorment

      I was hoping I would be able to simply download the RPD file that I need to work on to my local host

      From there, I can then open it in a web based browser as usual and make all my report changes.

      Resave it and re upload/merge this into the main RPD

      What I am having problems with is how do I get my downloaded RPD to actually show up in a web based url?

      Any help is appreciated

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          When you check out a new rpd file created in your local folder, if you set that in nqsconfig you might validate using reports, provided connection pool settings and any other..

          Just try it out I never tried the same. let us know how it works
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            I am not sure but you can't work in RPD using web based browser.

            Each user willing to work in RPD will have to have OBIEE client installed on local machine.

            Then the system DSN must be created to connect the database RPD is pointing to as specified in connection pools.

            mark if that helps.
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              Right, I have OBIEE installed on my local machine

              I can open the default "Sales" sample reports but I want to point to my own RPD file that I checked out and run it.

              I can run it/open it in Administration and catalog but just cant get it to open in presentation services...

              I tried changing my "default repository" in ODBC to my RPD but it is not letting me connect still showing me the old sales sample...
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                Solved this after a lot of googling

                Hope this helps any future readers

                To set up a local instance of your RPD file that you download from another server (there by replacing the default sales RPD) follow these steps

                Download and input rpd file into


                Configure the nqs file to point to your new RPD file name located in


                Create new blank catalog folder and name it same name as rpd file located here


                After all this, you can "copy" and "paste" the catalog from an online catalog manager and paste it into your offline catalog (into the folder that you just created)

                Remember to restart the presentation services in order for the changes to take effect!

                At first permissions will not be set to allow you to view your dashboards

                To set up permissions go to the following URL


                Keep in mind that whatever username and PW you used to initially download the RPD will follow you through out this process

                Hope this helps anyone else in the future

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                  Thats what I've suggested in short!.

                  You would have post here instead of lot of googling.

                  Thanks for follow-up

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                    Yes Srini you did suggest that in short

                    But as I mentioned, I am a bit new to OBIEE and needed a bit more detail then as your suggestion to simply download the RPD file, configure the nqs file and other pool settings

                    I dont understand what you mean by I could have posted here instead of a lot of googling?

                    If I knew what to post, I wouldnt need to ask in the first place.

                    Regardless I would still need to do a bit of googling to figure out the exact file paths, what you meant by the nqs file, the extra step of adding a new catalog folder, pulling down the catalog as well and the URL to find the administration link to set permissions.

                    I do appreciate your input, and do have additional questions that hopefully you can provide more detailed input