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    Invalid Distribution Account


      I am trying to do some Miscellaneous receipt transactions through the interfaces. I have populated all the necessary columns in MTI and MTLI tables. However I am getting the error 'Invalid distribution account' - Distribution account not valid for this organization. Please reenter. I tried to create the transaction manually from the front end with the same account and it has accepted it fine without any error.

      Any insight of what I am doing wrong or missing is much appreciated. Organization is WMS enabled. Does that require anything special. We are on R12.1.3

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Please review these docs and see if it helps.

          INVTVPTX:Transactions are stuck in the MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table [ID 230515.1]
          Interface Trip Stop - SRS Completes with Invalid Distribution Account Segments Error [ID 1186103.1]
          RVTTH-445:Subroutine ORA-01403:No Data Found in Package RCV_SeedEvents_PVT Procedure Get_AccountsStatement [ID 968103.1]
          Records Stuck in Transaction Open Interface with Error Value Secured [ID 367440.1]
          FAQ: Unprocessed Transactions / Closing Inventory Accounting Period [ID 110424.1]

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            I have reviewed all the docs mentioned by you and made sure all the set ups are in place, code combination is valid for the transaction date, accounting periods are open etc. Issue is I am able to do the same transaction manually through the front end but not through the interface. I have looked at the code that does this and validated against the sql it processes and it is a valid combination for the organization.
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              Found the bug. For whatever reason the transaction date got inserted as 0013 instead of 2013.

              Thanks for responding.