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        Dude wrote:
        I wonder though whether keeping your sandbox at the exact patch level as your production system was actually that important. Perhaps it is more or less just a mindset than making a real in difference in practice. Beside the kernel version, the Oracle database is very much a stand-alone system. So unless need to verify or troubleshoot a very specific system related issue, I'd say it should not matter. To compare your VM with the production system for performance troubleshooting does not make sense anyway due to the different hardware. I'd rather see the point to keep the VM up to date with the latest and greatest to verify whether the production system should work.
        Valid points and certainly a discussion I've had with myself already. What is pushing me towards this is what was left unsaid in my OP -- "Cut to the chase".

        I had built a OL5.6 vm to test/practice the upgrade of GI from to, but had just gone with the default kernel and whatever packages installed with 'oracle-validated'. Had no opportunity to do it on the 'live' test box, as that had already been upgraded by my predecessor. I was very nervous about it because I had never had my hands on an ASM system, nor any 11g installation, prior to this. On the sandbox, there were some errors about ACFS and my iniitial investigation said they were ignorable, as I wasn't using ACFS anyway. OK, fair enough. Then when I ran the 'live' upgrade this last weekend, it did NOT report the errors and DID update ACFS ... all righty, then! The install was successful and my production ASM is now running at, but that unexpected result bothers me. It could just has easily have gone the other way ... success on the sandbox and spectacular failure going live.
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